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How to Whitelist/Blacklist destinations in A1 Routes Customer Portal

A1 Routes allows to do White list and black list the calls to avoid spam calls and  This complimentary feature enables you to generate lists categorized by area code, distinguishing between black (phone numbers to be blocked) and white (accepted phone numbers). Calls originating from area codes on the blacklist will be prevented from connecting to your local or toll-free number, while those from approved area codes on the whitelist will be allowed to reach your business.

To set up a White/Black list destinations :

1.     Log on to A1routes Control.


2.     Click Home and then click Safety Limits.

  3. In the Safety Limit section, locate the Destination Restriction option.

4. The destination restriction field enables you to specify contacts that you wish to either permit or prevent.

  • · When granting access to your destinations, input the contact number in the designated field and then click on the "Allow" action button.

  • As an illustration, if you wish to authorize the number "1234," simply enter it into the field and click the "Allow" button. Subsequently, your permitted number, "1234," will be displayed on the left side of the destination restriction section.

  • ·Similarly, you can prohibit numbers in the Destination Restriction field by entering your designated blacklisted number, clicking the "Deny" button. Following this, your specified blacklisted number will be visible on the right side of the section.

  •  Example : Here we blacklisted the number “5678”.

5. Afterward, click the save button to preserve your alterations to the white list and blacklist. You will receive a notification stating, "Destination Stored Successfully."

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