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How to Activate Auto Replenishment - A Complete Guide

A1 Routes offers the convenient feature of Auto Replenishment, which enables automatic recharge when your balance reaches a predefined threshold. This ensures uninterrupted A1 Routes services for your convenience.

To make the setup of Auto Replenishment user-friendly, we have provided a user manual for your reference:

1. Log on to A1Routes - Login.

2. First, select 'Home,' and then choose the “Recharge Now” button. Please keep in mind that you have the option to save a card to your account during the manual recharge process. Afterward, you can enter your preferred amount, with a minimum recharge amount of $25.

3. Choose the "Pay with card" option, and please note that we accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal as forms of payment.

4. Input your card information and opt to save the card by selecting "Remember this card for future payments."

5. Navigate to the Home Page and click on the ‘Home’ dropdown in the main menu and select “Balance Management” to access the option.

6.You will be able to see “Auto Replenishment Payments” screen as below.(ScreenShot to be placed)

7. Input the desired recharge amount in the field "Automatically replenish your account balance by”. Please specify the amount that you wish to recharge when it falls below the threshold amount.

  8. Specify the threshold amount in the field “when it falls below”. The threshold amount specifies when the recharge should automatically happen.

9. You can also specify the maximum amount that can be charged by giving input in the label “Maximum amount charged per 24-hour period”. If you do not wish to have any daily limit you can leave this field blank. Specifying the maximum amount will restrict the maximum number of times you would allow to auto recharge .For example  if you specify $100 in “Maximum amount charged per 24-hour period”, and $25 in "Automatically replenish your account balance by”, auto recharge will happen maximum only 4 times per day and no action will be taken after 4 recharges have been done.

10. Click the "Authorize" action button to activate Auto Replenish and save the provided details.

11. After selecting the "Authorize" button, you will receive a notification to choose a card from the list to set as your primary card for Auto Replenish.

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